Teaching and Learning

The University strives to provide students with a rigorous, world-class undergraduate, graduate, or professional education. One of the primary commitments of the University, as a research and teaching institution, is the integration of the latest research and research methodology into the teaching and learning experience.

The University’s mission, with respect to teaching and learning, is “to share knowledge, understanding, and creativity by providing a broad range of high-quality educational programs in a strong and diverse community of learners and teachers, and prepare graduate, professional, and undergraduate students, as well as non-degree-seeking students interested in continuing education and lifelong learning, for active roles in a multiracial and multicultural world” (January 2005 Draft Strategic Positioning Report).

The University community values excellence in its faculty and students, the freedom to embrace a diversity of ideas and promote a community of mutual respect, and the sharing of knowledge in a learning environment. To these ends, the University provides strong disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and teaching, and offers exceptional professional and graduate programs and a distinguished, challenging undergraduate education.

The Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost supports the following programs and initiatives that address excellence in teaching and learning: