Fall 2011 retention and enrollment data

The quality of the 2011 freshman class is the strongest in recent history. Trends in several key areas are illustrated in the following graphs:

  1. Total Enrollments
  2. Enrollments by Level
  3. Numbers of New Freshmen and New Transfer Students
  4. New Freshman Applicants, Offers, and Enrollees
  5. Average ACT Composite Scores of New Freshmen
  6. Number of National Merit Scholars
  7. Average High School Rank Percentile of New Freshmen
  8. Percentage of New Freshmen in the Top 10% and Top 25% of their High School Class
  9. New Freshmen of Color and International Freshmen
  10. Percentage of Students of Color among New Freshmen
  11. New Freshmen by Gender
  12. New International Freshmen
  13. First Year Retention Graph
  14. A Profile of Fall 2011 UM Honors Freshmen
  15. A Comparison of Freshman Total ACT Composite Scores
  16. A Comparison of Freshman Class Sizes