Initiative on Children, Youth, and Families

This initiative built on the many years of collaboration between the University and the community through the Children, Youth, and Family Consortium (Consortium).  In 2002, President Bruininks launched this multifaceted initiative in 2002 to create new and enhance existing mechanisms for leveraging faculty support for cross-disciplinary approaches to research, teaching and public engagement.

This initiative represents a commitment to deepen and broaden the University’s capacity to address the pressing issues that face the state when it comes to children, youth and families. It is rooted in the notion that the contributions a child can make to society as an adult can be traced directly to the first few years of life and that Minnesota has an important stake in the adults its children will become.

By bringing together researchers and educators from around the University with practitioners, policy makers and opinion leaders, the initiative encourages research by creating a new understanding of how to enhance outcomes for children at every developmental stage in their lives, and in so doing to reaping tangible benefits for not only the children and families themselves, but also the common public good, including enhanced returns in school readiness, parenting skills, children's mental health, workforce capacity, improved public policy and best practices, and economic and community development.

This new research focus will be incorporated into the work of the Children, Youth, and Family Consortium by May 2008.

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