Provost's Current Academic Focus Areas

Strengthen the foundation of graduate and professional education.

The role of the Graduate School is to work with the colleges to ensure the quality of our post-baccalaureate programs. Learn more about the next phase of graduate education transformation » 

Enhance institutional mechanisms that encourage interdisciplinary teaching and research.

The University of Minnesota, with its broad range of scholars and researchers across many colleges, schools, and disciplines, has built tremendous strength in interdisciplinary teaching and research. However, obstacles remain and the Provost's Office and Vice President for Research are exploring new approaches. Learn more about efforts to support interdisciplinary scholarship »

Position eLearning activities to support teaching and learning.

The University of Minnesota defines eLearning as the use of technology to support teaching and learning. The goal of recent activities is, in the words of President Kaler, "to galvanize our creativity and to enable you, our faculty, staff, and students to bring your ideas for using eLearning on all of our campuses." Learn more about the broad spectrum of eLearning activities »

Continue attracting outstanding students and enhancing the undergraduate education experience.

The University of Minnesota is committed to providing our undergraduates with a first-rate learning environment. Learn more about the many programs that contribute to the value of being an undergraduate at a public research university »

Advance a systemwide international strategy.

For the University of Minnesota to remain world-class, our faculty must collaborate and engage globally, and our students must have global experiences. This last involves not only U.S. students learning abroad but also the integration of international students throughout the academic and social fabric of our campuses. Learn more about the importance of internationalizing the University of Minnesota »

Reveal and capitalize on the distinctive features of the University of Minnesota.

The University of Minnesota is among only a few comprehensive universities in the country. With the urban setting of our Twin Cities campus and its location on the banks of the mighty Mississippi, it is no exaggeration to say we are truly one-of-a-kind. Learn more about what makes us a distinctive university »